Request Your Email Sending Limit To Be Increased

Fill out the from below to request an increase in the amount of emails you may send every 30 minutes. Please be advised that the sending limit is enforced to reduce spamming on the network and to prevent the mail server from being blacklisted by other email providers. By making this request you agree to do everything in your power to keep your email address from being reported as spam.

Some tips include:

Limit Increase Form

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  1. name as it appears on the account

  2. number associated with account
    use format: xxx-xxx-xxxx

  3. if different from number above
    use format: xxx-xxx-xxxx

  4. address you are making the request for

  5. example: if you send a mailing list, how many people are on it?

  6. why do you send so many emails? (prayer list, BSA co-ordinator, shop owner, etc - please explain)
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